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From office cabinets to hospital furniture: any application with a frequently opened front will be better off with Hawa-Aperto 40/F. It stacks up to 7 cabinet fronts elegantly to one side and prevents pivot or folding doors from jutting into the room. Leaving you with more space. And more room for manoeuvre during installation: you can build left-hand or right-hand systems, select door width of your choice and design applications with a cabinet front that is always flush - even in combination with pivot doors on upper or lower cabinet units. All it takes are just three holes in the doors and a groove in the furniture base for the guide.


• Centre stop with adjustable friction
• Flush-mounted panels
• Stacking area accommodates up to 7 door panels


All types of furniture with frequently-opened doors, like media walls, office cabinets, shop installations, counter-top to ceiling shutters, kitchenettes, and everywhere that requires space-saving door opening.


• Maximum Panel Weight: 40 kg
• Panel Thickness: 19 mm - 25 mm
• Maximum Panel Height: 2600 mm
• Panel Width: 400 mm x 900 mm
• Continuous Height Adjustment: +/- 2 mm
• Minimum Axis Radius: 2000 mm for curved applications

Aperto 40/F

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