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SERIES 100-150
With a maximum weight capacity of up to 120 kg and door dimensions up to approx. 6m² the K-100 series offers the most complete product range. Apart from sliding door applications it can be used for many other applications, such as industrial curtains or light conveyor systems, which make the workload easier. Series 100 is also suitable for high temperatures such as painting tunnels.

The 150 series is suitable for a maximum weight of up to 200 kg and door dimensions of approx. 12m². The 150 series is particularly suitable for medium weight industrial applications, such as straight sliding or folding door, steel or mesh doors, industrial curtains, security grilles and sliding garage doors, as well as for storage systems and exhibition stands. One of the most popular applications is for the sliding doors in shopping mall, as well as different kinds of applications in the shipbuilding industry.

K-100 Track
K-100 Curve Track
K-150 Track
K-150 Curve Track
MPS-100 Hanger
PPS-100 Hanger
MPS-150 AL Hanger
MP-150 Hanger
SKL-100 Wall Bracket
KKKL-100K Soffit Bracket
KKL-100 Soffit Bracket
LKU-100/100 mm Wall Bracket
SK-151 Wall Bracket
SKL-151 Wall Bracket, Joint
SK-152 Double Wall Bracket
SKL-152 Double Wall Bracket, Joint
KK-151 Soffit Bracket
KKL-151 Soffit Bracket, Joint
KKK-151 Soffit Bracket
KKKL-151 Soffit Bracket, Joint
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