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EKU-PORTA 100 G/GF/GFO Synchro is a system addition for the EKU-PORTA 100 G, GF and GFO systems: Two all-glass doors weighing up to 100 kg are connected by a Kevlar cord for synchronous opening and closing.


• Glass mounted with well-tried clamping shoe technology
• A system addition for various applications such as G/GF/GFO
• No glass cut-outs required
• Continuous height adjustment
• Continuous bottom guide adjustment for different glass thicknesses


• All-glass doors
• For private living areas
• For private and public office areas
• Projects
• Individual interior furnishing


• Door Weight: 100 kg
• Door Thickness: 8-12.7 mm
• Door Height: 2700 mm
• Door Width: 1600 mm

100 G|GF|GFO Synchro

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