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The HAWA-Folding Concepta 25 bifolds two doors and slides them into the side niche. This makes the innovative system all the more spatially economic: the slide-in loss is a mere 73mm, the recess width only 110mm, and you even gain more freedom of movement in the room as the doors are parked away flush inside the cabinet body or recess when the front is open. Hawa's high-quality scissor technology guarantees that doors move easily and quietly without ever jamming. By the way, the gap pattern presented to the beholder is as calm as the doors are quiet. Especially as the flush, uniform front design for a cabinet or kitchen front is also possible in combination with HAWA-Concepta 25/30/50 or with hinged doors.


• Free access to the entire cabinet width when open, flush when closed
• Low slide in loss of 73 mm in the cabinet depth
• Aesthetic appeal: an aluminium facia conceals hinges when the door pair is in the side pocket
• The second door does not sag

Folding Concepta 25 Product Video


It's advantages are obvious wherever variable room utilisation and unobstructed access should leave a tidy impression, for instance in the home office in the bedroom, the kitchen in the living room, or the utility area in the bathroom.


• Max. Door Weight: 25 kg (per pair of panels 50 kg)
• Door Width: 300-700 mm
• Door Height: 1250-2600 mm
• Door Thickness: 19-28 mm

Folding Concepta 25

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