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The EKU-FRONTAL 25 H FS moves two or three wooden doors weighing up to 25 kg in front of the furniture. The frameless system with the Forslide design allows elegant wooden fronts to glide effortlessly in front of the cabinet. No cabinet processing is required with the EKU-FRONTAL 25 H FS, meaning that the system can also be retrofitted without problems. A 4-point guidance and 4-point stop system provide impressive running characteristics.


• Easy door installation with Allen key
• Easy height adjustment with Allen key
• Quiet running thanks to ball bearing rollers and soft guide rollers
• Freely adjustable end stopper with and without retainer
• Optional soft closing


• For private living areas
• For private and public office areas
• Kitchen cabinets up to 2000 mm
• For shelving and cabinets
• Design options in wood or aluminium frame


• Door Weight: 25 kg
• Door Thickness: 19 mm
• Door Height: 2000 mm
• Door Width: 800 mm

25 H Forslide (FS)

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