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The Freecode version works in the same way as known from safes or lockers: Place valuables in the compartment, set a personal code with the 'Dial Lock' and close the door. When opening the lock again the present code will be erased automatically. A new code has to be set each time the lock is open. The scrambling feature (the set code is concealed during the locking process) ensures security against unauthorised opening, even with the Freecode.


• One time code keyless security system Made In Germany
• Code scramble feature provides increase security
• Signal function on lock & unlock statues
• Ten thousand of combinations
• Emergency opening feature


Freecode is suitable for cabinet systems with lockers in sports and recreation areas, in schools, universities, libraries, museums, shopping centers, exhibition or conference centers as well as in hotels or spas.


• One universal version for various materials. 
Steel: 1 mm - 8 mm Thickness
Glass: 1 mm - 8 mm Thickness
Wood: 15 mm - 21 mm Thickness

Dial Lock Freecode

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