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The latest Bluetooth low-energy technology allows individual locks or entire lock groups to be controlled via a smartphone using the LEHMANN App. Configuring the locks and groups and granting or withdrawing locking permissions is child's play with the LEHMANN App. The lock and operating functions are also adapted to the needs of the user, and the user receives service and warning messages via the app.

Bluetooth Lock


• Locking management for your projects via your iPhone
• Up to four iPhones, iPods or iPads per lock
• Can be used in offices and homes
• Individual configuration of lock groups and settings options
• Keyless go function can be set up for all or individual locks
• Adapt the lock functions and security level to your needs
• PIN code lock to secure against manipulation
• Always state-of-the-art thanks to app updates
• Smart Secure is available in the proven modular LEHMANN locking

Bluetooth Lock

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