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A fit-anywhere, frameless sliding hardware system for wood and glass sliding doors weighing up to 70 kg. Ideal not only for walk-in closets, but also for room-height and flexible partitions in residential and office settings. The possibility of combining glass and wood sliding doors gives new freedom to architects and installers. Patch-fitting, rattle-proof floor guides are available for all wood and/or glass combinations. Hawa-Ordena 70/P has also been designed with problem-free retrofitting in mind.


• Top-running sliding system, impervious to dust and dirt
• Possibility to combine wood and glass sliding doors
• Patch-fitting, rattle proof floor guide
• Frameless and easy to install


Everywhere that variable space utilisation and unrestricted access should leave a tide impression, e.g. walk-in closets for office and residential settings, and as a partition or aesthetic room divider in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, offices, and private residential interiors.


• Maximum Door Weight: 70 kg
• Maximum Door Height: 2600 mm
• Minimum Door Width: 600 mm
• Door Thickness: 30 mm - 40 mm (Wood), 8 mm - 10 mm (Glass)
• 2 mm - 8 mm minimum clearance between the top track and the top edge of the sliding door

Ordena 70/P

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