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A new pivot/slide-in hardware system is causing a stir in the field of multifunctional room solutions. It cuts a particularly fine figure thanks to its scissor technology, especially if you are looking for a convenient, easy-to-fit solution for pivoting wood or glass doors weighing up to 50 kg that slide away to save space. All the more so as it can handle virtually any dimensions. It evens the road for creative ideas with various installation options, profiles and handles, and can even close a wall recess without any cabinet body.


• Pivot/slide-in doors made of wood and glass for furniture and room partitioning solutions
• Unique scissor technology accommodates large and heavy doors
• Adjustment are made from the front
• Wall recesses can be concealed without a cabinet body
• The same set can be used for left and right hand side applications


Its advantages are obvious wherever variable room utilisation and unobstructed access should leave a tidy impression, for instance the home office in the bedroom, or to hide appliances in the kitchen or the washing machine in the bathroom. Room partitioning doors can even create walk-in cabinets.


• Door Width: 300 mm - 900 mm
• Door Thickness: 19 mm - 50 mm (Wood), 8 mm (toughened safety glass)

Concepta 25/30/50

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