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EKU-REGAL C 25 HM IS moves one or two top-running Inslide design wooden doors weighing up to 25 kg on the furniture. The tracks are simply attached to the base and the top panel from the front using the well-known EKU clipping technology. A 4-point guiding and stopping mechanism provides extremely safe operation. Because no cabinet preparation is required, this sliding solution can also be retrofitted.


• Doors can be installed on top of each other
• No expensive cabinet construction required
• Tracks easy to install using clips
• Combined running and guide track
• Fitting can be subsequently adapted to shelving system


• For private living areas
• For private and public office areas
• Cabinets
• Sideboard


• Door Weight: 25 kg
• Door Thickness: 19 mm
• Door Height: 2200 mm
• Door Width: 1200 mm

C 25 HM Inslide (IS)

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