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EKU-LIBRA 20 H IS / FS is designed for one or two vertically running wooden doors with the Inslide or Forslide design. In order to make these unusual sliding movements, the running tracks are screwed on vertically and one or two counterweights are used depending on the number of doors.


• Vertical sliding as eye-catcher
• Running gear is spring mounted and with eccentric for adjustment
• Running gear fully covered with fascia
• Same hardware for Inslide and Forslide design
• Size-independent system


• For private living areas
• TV furniture
• Living elements


• Door Weight: 20 kg
• Door Thickness: 16-25 mm
• Door Height: 1000 mm
• Door Width: 1600 mm

20 H mix Inslide/Forslide (IS/FS)

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