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The bottom running EKU-FRONTINO 20 H FS moves two flush design wooden doors weighing up to 20 kg in front of furniture. The furniture fronts without a door offset can be opened ergonomically and gently slides across each other. The fitting is installed easily, quickly and reliably and makes a good impression with its self and soft closing mechanism and extremely good sliding convenience.


• Flush design- sliding solution without door offset
• Extremely convenient operation- ergonomic opening design and flexible
• Modern kitchen environment- top running applications without a groove in the floor
• Flexible cabinet widths- rail set can be shortened individually, no grid spacing
• Efficiency and cost-effectiveness- no cabinet modifications required
• A multi-faceted product range- one hardware system for top and bottom running applications

Frontino 20H FS Product Video


• Bottom running sideboards
• Kitchen, living room and office area
• Design solutions in wood


• Door Weight: 20 kg
• Door Thickness: 19 mm
• Door Height: 1200 mm
• Door Width: 1200 mm

20 H Forsilde (FS) Bottom Running

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