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The EKU-DIVIDO partitioning system is outstanding because of its clear design appeal. The EKU-DIVIDO 100 RSO is the top-running standard system for aluminium frame doors with wooden or glass panels weighing up to 100 kg. The aluminium frames are easy to cut to size to fit the door and install. Running gear installation and height adjustment are simple – typical for EKU. The system does not need a bottom track and is suitable for wall and ceiling mounting.


• Simple customizing of the aluminium framed door
• Aluminium frame panels can be a mixture of wood and glass
• 1-, 2- and 3- track sliding solutions
• Adjustable stopper retaining force
• For wall or ceiling mounting


• Walk-in wardrobes
• Partitions
• Projects
• Individual interior furnishing


• Door Weight: 100 kg
• Door Thickness: 30/6 mm
• Door Height: 2750 mm
• Door Width: 1200 mm

100 GR

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