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EKU-CREATION 25 H IS/FS moves wooden doors with an Inslide-Forslide design mix weighing up to 25 kg on the furniture. The track is simply attached to the base and the top panel from the front using the well-known EKU clipping technology, and all fastening components disappear from sight. Because no cabinet preparation is required, this sliding solution can also be retrofitted. A clip profile on the side can also give the furniture item frame-like characteristics.


• Trendy appearance
• No cabinet processing
• Combined running and guide track
• Continuous height adjustment
• Freely adjustable stopper with retainer


• For private living and eating areas
• For private and public office areas
• Cabinets
• Sideboards


• Door Weight: 25 kg
• Door Thickness: 19 mm
• Door Height: 2200 mm
• Door Width: 1200 mm

25 H mix inslide/Forslide (IS/FS)

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