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The EKU-COMBINO U 50 is the clever fitting that moves one to two U-shaped wooden doors weighing up to 50 kg over a cabinet. This allows the interior of the cabinet to be accessed from above and from both sides, which means that the fitting is predestined for use as an attractive partitioner in generously dimensioned rooms. The fitting system is characterised by having a play-free guide. The running track is screwed on, and the running system remains entirely invisible.


• Trendy appearance
• Closed furniture item with access from three sides
• No cabinet processing
• Invisible running mechanism
• Optional soft closing


• For private living and eating areas
• Elegant room dividers
• Free standing
• Sideboards


• Door Weight: 50 kg
• Door Thickness: 19 mm
• Door Height: 1200 mm
• Door Width: 1250 mm


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