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The bottom-running EKU-COMBINO 60 H MS is the ideal fitting for two to three bottom-running wooden doors weighing up to 60 kg, which can be moved effortlessly in front of the large cabinet using the Mixslide design. The system is characterised by having a flat plinth design. The running track is screwed to the front of the plinth. The running system is covered and remains concealed. Adjustment takes place using the EKU eccentric height adjustment facility.


• No cabinet processing
• Tool-less door mounting
• Continuous height adjustment
• Play-free roller guide
• Optional soft closing


• For private living, eating and sleeping areas
• For private and public office areas
• Room-high cabinets


• Door Weight: 60 kg
• Door Thickness: 25 mm
• Door Height: 2600 mm
• Door Width: 1400 mm

60 H Mixslide (MS) Bottom Running

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