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EKU-CLIPO 35 HM MS is designed for two top-running wooden doors weighing up to 35 kg with the Mixslide design. The running track is groove mounted. The running gear is recess mounted in the top edge of the door for concealed installation. There is no panel to affect the appearance.


• Suitable for serving hatches
• Continuous height adjustment
• 4-point roller guide for precise guidance
• Freely adjustable end stopper with and without retainer
• Optional soft closing


• For private living, eating and sleeping areas
• For private and public office areas
• Cabinets
• Sideboards


• Door Weight: 35 kg
• Door Thickness: 25 mm
• Door Height: 2400 mm
• Door Width: 1000 mm

35 HM Mixslide (MS)

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