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EKU-CLIPO 25 GR IS is designed for two top-running aluminium frame doors weighing up to 25 kg with the Inslide design. The running track is groove mounted, and does not require a groove in the base. The running gear is simply clipped in during installation. There is no panel to affect the appearance. The aluminium frames with the 20/20 mm design can be cut to size to suit the required door dimension and installed without problems.


• Glass fitted in aluminium frame without gluing
• Simple customizing of the aluminium framed door
• Continuous height adjustment
• Freely adjustable end stopper with retainer
• Optional soft closing


• Door Weight: 25 kg
• Door Thickness: 20/4 mm
• Door Height: 2000 mm
• Door Width: 800 mm

25 GR Inslide (IS)

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