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Skate 2.0 is a luminaire with a lighting sandwich composed of 24 LEDs and a high performance pix-screen optics.

The TLDM version integrates an electronic dimmable TouchLED switch that simultaneously switches on the luminaires connected to it. Skate 2.0 is installed on the surface and in contact with the wall with the aid of a special bracket.

The device comes with a compartment that allows you to hide the power cord that can be disconnected, which allows to easily install Skate 2.0 after putting the wall unit in place. Registered design.


Under cabinet luminaire for accent lighting.


Under kitchen cabinet


• Material: Thermoplastic ploymers
• Finishing: Aluminium 
• Watt & Volt: 1,6W @ 12Vdc
• Light Source: LED module for pix-screen light
• Light Colour: Natural white

Skate 2.0

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