This economic space-saving system consists in a pull-out peninsula tabletop stored in a space normally used for a drawer. The table pulls out instantly by simply opening the hinged front of the drawer space.

This solution was created by us to satisfy the need for functionality in even more limited spaces than the Lunch model. This modern kitchen design mechanism is ideal for tabletops in small kitchens and kitchenettes, laundry rooms, offices and even children’s rooms. The system is designed for pull-out tables of up to mm 750 approx. in length which makes it ideal for any cabinet design ideas. 

The prerogative of the system is that all the components (i.e. our mechanisms and your wooden elements) are integrated with the system itself, without the need for store extensions elsewhere.


• Finishes: Slides in aluminium inox bronzino
• Load Capacity: 60 kg evenly distributed
• Sliding: Aluminium on aluminium


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