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Archidex Exhibition 2014 Published on 10/07/2014
Archidex Exhibition 2014

Spaceweiss Solutions participated in Archidex 2014 from 25th to 28th June 2014.
Held annually in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, our booth featured the latest products from Salice, Bortoluzzi, Atim, Essetre & Lehmann.

One of the most popular features that garnered strong interest and attention was the Bortoluzzi Sistemi M35 with motor - a coplana sliding door system which utilises a motor for electrical opening and closing. Guest were simply amazed with the smooth sliding motion as well as the multiple system functions.

We were also honored with the New Product Award nomination of the Salice Unica drawer runner, providing once again that this patented system is truely one of its kind.

Overall, the exhibition was a great success, and we will like to thank all guests and partners for your keen support. Till next year!

Kitchen & Bath China 2014 Published on 03/06/2014
Kitchen & Bath China 2014

Salice held their first exhibition in Shanghai at the Kitchen & Bath China 2014, from 28th to 31st May 2014.

Spaceweiss Solutions, as the exclusive partner of Salice in Singapore and Malaysia was invited to participate in the fair.

Displaying a range of high quality products from Salice & Botoluzzi Sistemi, the booth received an overwhelming response from the visitors.

Overall, the exhibition was a huge success!

Spaceweiss Solutions will be looking forward to exhibiting with our brand partners in the near future.

CIFF Exhibition 2014 Published on 03/06/2014
CIFF Exhibition 2014

Lehmann held an exhibition at the China International Furniture Fair.

Spaceweiss Solutions, as the exclusive partner of Lehmann in Singapore and Malaysia was invited to participate in the fair. Over the 4 days, the booth attracted a large number of local and international visitors.

The high quality and innovativeness of the locking solutions resulted in an extremely high interest level. Lehmann - Made In Germany.

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