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HAWA FOLDING TURNAWAY Published on 01/03/2013

The HAWA-FOLDING TURNAWAY 15/20 is a supplementary hardware system for folding and turning away two furniture doors with a panel weight up to 20 kg. The second door is guided in a bottom guide channel with a suspending and a guide element when it is opened and turned away. When the doors are closed, they are guided in the suspending element. This means that the horizontal door groove clearance is always the same. A retainer positions the panels at the bottom and holds them flush when closed.

LEHMANN DIAL LOCK Published on 01/03/2013

Security requires no key. In order to know that valuables and personal belongings are kept safe, you need nothing but a freely selected, four-digit code.

The perfect solution for keyless-access or if a high number of possible combinations is required. Nearly unlimited locking combinations - choose your personal code.

Whether hinged-, tambour- or sliding doors- as well as pedestals with drawers- Lehmann provides keyless security for all applications.

GRASS TIOMOS Published on 01/03/2013

Tiomos hinge system. The hinge for the door to the future.

Stylish design. Maximum stability. Adjustable Soft-close damping. Our developers set out to create a hinge system innovation with special functions, various operating comfort and timeless design as well as its own individual character. And the result is up to the mark. Tiomos door hinges is the perfect movement system for contemporary trends in furniture design in Singapore.

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