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ATIM PARTY Published on 10/12/2013

The Transformables programme has been designed specifically to get the most out of room spaces. This simple kitchen cabinet design guarantee maximum use even in smaller spaces, thanks to a patented system that integrates all the parts (mechanism and tops) within the element itself without having to store them elsewhere.

The programme offers multiple solutions capable of guaranteeing maximum versatility of use. At home or in the office, on the boat or in the caravan, Atim Transformables systems are the best solution for transforming furniture elements into practical tabletops.

M&C ECOLOGICAL WASTE BIN A Published on 11/07/2013

Functionality, order and cleanliness in a kitchen are conditioned by a whole set of fundamental details. The beauty of an intelligent design, the ergonomic keys that determine the functionality criterion, the quality in materials and finishing.

SALICE UN!CA Published on 05/06/2013

The un!ca full extension concealed runner combines Smove decelerated closing action with both traditional opening and Push self-opening for handle-less furniture. The fully integrated operating system is completely mechanical and therefore does not require a power source

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