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BOTOLUZZI FOLDER Published on 20/10/2014

The continuing evolution of the Slider M, Folder is a sliding mechanism with coplanar effect, combined with a folding door opening system. More precisely, the center doors must be folded and closed on the sides, freeing to compartments out of four. One of the two packages thus formed can slide until it is superimposed on the second package in idle position, making a third compartment accessible. Thanks to this sliding door mechanism in Singapore, the Folder system fits into the kitchen area perfectly.

LEHMANN E-LOCKING SYSTEMS Published on 19/09/2014

Security - Perfectly Organised

Maximum comfort, keyless operation and new options in furniture design characterize this innovative technology. LEHMANN offers a variety of components which enable the locking, organizing and managing of various properties. The systems operate with radio, keyboard, RFID or biometrics.

HELAFORM SERIES 75 Published on 15/08/2014

The Most Popular Series In The Lightweight Range.

Our most popular and versatile series, where you can find products for both straight sliding and folding doors, and protective curtains. Hangers equipped with special ball bearings, making them suitable for both internal and external use such as those sliding doors and wardrobes. There are many different installation possibilities for both track and hangers.

Series 75 is also available in DIY packages, which include everything necessary for the installation of sliding or folding doors. Stylish, ready made up sales packaging facilitates purchasing and retailing.

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