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ATIM SANDWICH Published on 18/08/2015

The Transformables programme is designed to guarantee maximum versatility. These products of high quality design and technology ensure maximum usability even in small spaces, thanks to the patented system which integrates all the components - mechanisms and surfaces - without the need for external furniture parts.

The ways in which furniture elements may be transformed into practical work surfaces or tables.

LEHMANN BLUETOOTH LOCK Published on 12/08/2015

When the smartphone is constantly at your side, it's only a logical step to use it for security in office, contract or home furniture. Lock specialist Lehmann, who has focused much attention on electronic locking systems since 1994, is showing a Bluetooth application at the Interzum 2015 which includes an app that lets you lock and unlock furniture doors. This smart and welcome convenience adapts to the user and creates a work or home environment that "thinks for itself" on the security front.

In conjunction with the associated app, "Smart Secure" turns the iPhone into a key. With the appropriate lock versions, which have long featured among Lehmann's range of electronic locking systems, "Smart Secure" lets you lock and unlock virtually any application: small furniture doors as well as large ones with three-point locking mechanism, flaps, drawers, card index cabinets and pedestals. Furniture design itself also benefits from this innovative technology.

SALICE SHELF Published on 12/08/2015

The Shelf runner for pull-out shelves with fixing on the bottom can be used in various contexts as kitchens, display stands for shops, living room and office furniture. This runner enables shelves to slide forward for easy access.

It is available with full extension, all lengths, with push opening for handle-less furniture and with Smove decelerated closing.

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