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SALICE SLIDER M50 FLEX Published on 21/09/2019

Slider M50 Flex is the coplanar system for doors weighing up to 50 kg which is designed to be cut to length.
Thanks to the exclusive patented design of the Slider series, door movement and cushioned opening and closing are intuitive, smooth and silent. Slider M50 Flex also offers extreme exibility: the length of mechanism can be adjusted to fit any cabinet by simply cutting the track as required.

Slider M50 Flex is the new addition to the coplanar range and, with just a small range of components, it confers the freedom to tailor the mechanism to suit any piece of furniture to perfection.

SERVETTO WARDROBE SYSTEM Published on 21/09/2019

The slogan – “the lift in the wardrobe”- sums up the essence of Servetto® products, which incorporate accessibility, reliability and innovation. The very first wardrobe hanging system was patented in 1972 to facilitate items’ access on high storage area and to redefine the space usage, which remains aptly relevant in today’s context.

Revolutionizing the wardrobe industry, Servetto® constantly develops innovative wardrobe storage fittings and also launched its distinguished line of furniture and accessories

SIGE BASKETS Published on 21/09/2019

Pledged to optimise spaces and enhance users' daily life though integrated Storage Solution, SIGE continuously infuses creativity into its products, exuding functionality with style. Easch product follows a thorough process from conceptualisation to actualisation; taking into consideration the design contours, finishing details, users' experience and production quality.

Keeping abreast of consumers' trend and demand, SIGE is an advocate of transformation and adaption, to deveop solutions that progresses with the ever-changing environment.

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