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TERNO SWITCH Published on 21/09/2019

A FLEXIBLE PATENTED SYSTEM. Switch is a patented system for “in-line” cabinet doors, with hidden retractable opening, extremly exible, indeed the system is modular and can be cut to size. Furthermore the system is up and down reversable in order to allow the use of simmetric cabinet doors.

A SIMPLE SWITCH. The functionality of Switch system is very simple and it reminds to typical train railroad switch: with a single gesture, cabinet door will be shifting and then it will slide internally to the cabinet, thanks to the simple rotation of small FLap which leads it during the motion.

NO EXTRA PROCESSING REQUIRED. Switch is a complete system able to t the already existing cabinet cases and doors, avoiding possible extra costs required to create new dedicated structures. To install Switch system, indeed, it would be necessary only a simple milling in the upper and lower side, without any false bottom or rise board to conceal the mechanism.

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