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SALICE TITANIUM HINGE Published on 13/03/2014

The new kitchen cabinet hinges stand out with a completely revised finish, to better integrate into the cabinet, thus gain in discretion and, at the same time, give an appearance of a modern mechanism.

The colour, new and different compared with the traditional blued and nickel-plated finishes, is less invasive and has a muted sheen. The soft close hinges make this ideal for darker interiors and for the numerous shades of wood available in Singapore. 

The good reflection properties and the technological aspect of the hinge allow a perfect integration with the place where it is to be inserted, also suitable in the lightest interiors.

The development of this new product has been, as usual, undertaken by Salice's Technological Centre and it was subjected to rigorous testing; the finish is even more resistant to the aggression of oxidizing agents both for more considerable thicknesses and for typology of treatment. The corrosion strength is considerably incr

Titanium Hinge
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