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LEHMANN BLUETOOTH LOCK Published on 12/08/2015

When the smartphone is constantly at your side, it's only a logical step to use it for security in office, contract or home furniture. Lock specialist Lehmann, who has focused much attention on electronic locking systems since 1994, is showing a Bluetooth application at the Interzum 2015 which includes an app that lets you lock and unlock furniture doors. This smart and welcome convenience adapts to the user and creates a work or home environment that "thinks for itself" on the security front.

In conjunction with the associated app, "Smart Secure" turns the iPhone into a key. With the appropriate lock versions, which have long featured among Lehmann's range of electronic locking systems, "Smart Secure" lets you lock and unlock virtually any application: small furniture doors as well as large ones with three-point locking mechanism, flaps, drawers, card index cabinets and pedestals. Furniture design itself also benefits from this innovative technology.

Bluetooth Lock
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